Product Photography for North Supply


I love photographing new products- I always feel so lucky to see them before others do! North Supply asked me to shoot 33 of their new door access system products. These gadgets look so slick and modern. Every inch of their design has been thought over. So 33 products to shoot- sounds simple right?

One word- DUST. This makes this type of photography just that much harder. One of the biggest challenges when doing a product shoot is controlling the dust. It does not matter how clean you get the products there will always be some dust on them, especially when photographing black gloss items and each spec of dust will need to be photoshopped out.

After this shoot I brought a pack of 16 pairs of lint free white gloves to try and lessen the dust effect in the future. I kind of look like a butler when I wear them but if it controls the dust then it is all good with me!



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