Mo Bros Grooming… one of Leicester’s success stories

Since most of the time I am here there and everywhere I love it when I get to work locally- especially for such a cool bunch of guys. Mo Bros is a Leicester based business owned by three brothers. They are a truly entrepreneurial trio of chaps who supply an extensive range of grooming products which are especially aimed at men with beards in moustaches. The beginning of their adventure is a lovely story. The business was founded two years ago by the three bearded brothers. It all started when they decided to grow their facial hair for Movember. The brothers soon discovered that growing a beard is not easy peasy and so set-to helping the rest of Leicester! Since launching in November 2014 they have served over 200,000 fellow beards men all over the world!

Today’s shoot was on behalf of their PR company Launch who needed a selection of images which represented the brothers at their business. The boom in beards and moustaches means that Mo Bros are riding the crest of a wave of success and I wish them the best success… Great job guys.

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