I’m a big lad but I feel small at the Leicester Tigers!

September signals the end of summer, but it also represents the beginning of a new sporting season- the rugby season! Now I am a Foxes supporter until the end but the Leicester Tigers lot aren’t all that bad at what they do either… It is only when you see them in person do you truly comprehend but MASSIVE these guys are and how good they are at what they do.
Each year at the beginning of a sporting season teams will have a media day where team photographs are taken and Getty images will take player portraits so the press can use shots in news articles throughout the season. I was there to capture proceedings for the Leicester Tigers which included capturing the
official team photographs being taken and also a training session. It’s sometimes nice not to be the main photographer on a shoot as I’m able to capture the more relaxed type of shot. I’ve obviously watched the intensity of an Aviva Premiership rugby match and I was surprised to see that a training session is as equally fast paced and hard hitting! When the pressure is off you can really see the skill that the players are capable of from never dropping a pass, kicking with pinpoint accuracy and running so fast that they were difficult to focus on.
Later in the day I was there to capture the official player portraits but more on that another time. Best of luck to the boys for this season, we are all behind you!

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