From the Power of LinkedIn

It is times like this that the technology and social media world we live in really is just the cat’s pyjamas… Somebody (a connection of one of my connections I hasten to add) advised this client to try me out for a shoot they wanted for their employees. There was stiff competition but thankfully I got the gig! LinkedIn really is marvellous and I probably wouldn’t have found this fantastic company if it wasn’t for that…
Hirola are a buzzing team in Central London who have the art of being a digital design agency (in my humble opinion) MASTERED. This award winning team of creatives endeavour to push the brands they work with to be “bigger and better” than the rest. Their main aim is to create strong, lasting relationships with their clients which I love and strive to do myself!
If you happen to be in their offices at Aldgate Tower stop in and have a look at the amazing wallpapers they have in each office- they are incredible!

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