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Captivating imagery has a major part to play in the appeal and effectiveness of promoting your business, so ensuring that you have high-quality food photographs to use is always a worth while investment.

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For the last three years I have photographed the Christmas food for the National Space Centre in Leicester.  The shoot always takes place in either January or February to give the Space Centre plenty of time to design their Christmas brochure.

Food photography is a real exercise in discipline.  For anyone who knows me, you will no doubt be familiar with my love of food.  When I am capturing delicious desserts such as the trifle encased in chocolate above, it’s a real temptation to just have a little taste of what I’m photographing.  I did manage to resist though and instead had a sample of it after the shoot, it was amazing!

As a Leicester Commercial Food Photographer, I’ve photographed a couple of Christmas parties at the National Space Centre and it is an incredible and unique venue to host your Christmas party.  If you are planning a corporate Christmas party then I would really recommend checking out their website.