A stunning copper extension in Cropston

**If you suffer from the condition of Kitchen Envy, then please look away now**

Walters Architects are a talent architectural practice located on London Road in Leicester and I have recently photographed three of their recent projects but  this is possibly my favourite. It was a single story extension to a beautiful house in Cropston. This property really inspired me because the architects and client were both brave in their choice of design and materials.

The design was inspired by a shape on the existing property and the material was copper which was just beautiful and will only improve with age. When the extension was first completed the copper would have been as bright as a polished two pence piece but was now starting to age and the true character was starting to appear with a lovely purple patination starting to say hello. Over time I believe that the copper will turn the lovely green colour the you see on church roofs. I understand that this process takes around twenty years but what an absolute pleasure for owners to see it change year on year.

The project has been nominated for a conservation award within Charnwood and I wish my client luck in the competition!

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